Hello. I’m sure you must be a little curious about the author behind this blog, so here’s some information about myself:

My first name is Anqi, English name Mirabel and last name Goh. Born in the year 1996. Born and raised in Singapore. But dreaming of going overseas, getting out of city life and living in the country instead – though all of this might just be wishful thinking. I’m currently studying Biological Sciences with a Minor in Business at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Proficient in the English and Chinese languages. Third language is Japanese, which I’m currently in the midst of studying.

My hobbies are Dancing and Music. I was more involved in dance when I was younger – did Ballet and Chinese Dance at a dance school during primary school. I then joined my secondary school’s Chinese and Modern Dance Society before stopping altogether in junior college. I’m currently back with Ballet trainings. As for music, I started learning the Piano at the age of 8 due to my parents’ influence and completed Grade 8 for Piano when I was 14. As for Theory, after failing grade 8 twice and pausing lessons in between for my academics instead, I finally managed to pull through with a merit certificate at 18. Keeping my options open about pursuing Diploma next. Currently learning to be more independent by attempting piano covers by myself. Also completed 2 grades of violin back in primary school, as well as the basics of acoustic guitar after my A Levels.

As for my interests, I love Reading and Watching Shows. For reading, my favourite genre now is Fantasy Romance. Before that, I was more towards the Action Thriller type of books. I also like Poetry / Literature very much. Shows-wise, I watched many Korean shows back in secondary school. But from junior college onwards, I mostly only watch Japanese shows (as you can probably tell from my post already).

That’s all about me. Check out the Contact page to find out more ways to chat me up. Have a great day!


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