NTU School of Biological Sciences FOP 17/18

First blog post in August! Came back from FOP on Saturday night. And yes, the new academic year had already officially begun yesterday. But since some of the photos taken during FOP are up already, I shall share about them here. Can’t really remember the specifics of happenings throughout the four days, so I shall just post the pictures and caption / comment on them here. This is my second year being a programmer in FOP as a senior and my third SBS FOC / FOP.

Day 1 (8 August): Day Games

Day 1 NTU Games 01Day 1 NTU Games 04
Proggies at the ‘Shooting Stars’ station at NIE, led by Jacelyn. Don’t know what they were doing in the second photo though.

Day 1 NTU Games 03
The station I was helping out in at NIE – ‘Milky Way’, led by Jiahao. Liked this card game we were playing while waiting (it was some memory game), but I forgot what it’s called.

Day 1 NTU Games 07
Bonus photo: One minute of silence … for zero freshie chiobu spotted (at least according to Zhisheng’s standards HAHA).

Day 2 (10 August): Amazing Race

Day 2: Amazing Race
The station I was at for Amazing Race – ‘Space Bomber’, led by Zhenxuan. Legit died spending the entire day at Bukit Gombak – it was super (can’t emphasise this enough) blazing asdfghjkl hot. And yes I went home for National Day HAHA.

Day 3 (11 August): Wet & Pool Games + Escape

Day 3: Escape
The proggies setting up Escape! It’s nice to see some of last year’s Escape people come back to help out with the preparations.

Day 3: Wet Games (1)
At the same time, the proggies at the Wet & Pool games.

Day 3: Wet Games (2)
The proggies at the other station for Wet Games (forgot the name of the station – was it still something like Fruit Ninja or has that changed already HAHA), led by Yuanteng. I thought this station had something to do with a beach volleyball though.

Day 3: Wet Games (3)Day 3: Wet Games (4)
The station I was at – ‘Bounce’, led by Wenjie. Evidently Sijie and I didn’t get the memo about shouting ‘Yum Seng’ HAHA.

Day 3: Wet Games (5)
Initially we wanted to do this bouncing cheer for every og that came to our station – Marco’s idea.

Day 3: Wet Games (6)
Vogue enough?

Day 3: Wet Games (7)
Thanks Juncheng for making me look very tall here HAHA.

Day 3: Wet Games (8)
To the senior behind, I don’t know who you’re but thanks for playing along with my owl business HAHA.

Day 3: Pool Games (1)
Pool games were a pity though, it started pouring when we were halfway setting up the SRC pool for the games. And it didn’t let down for very long – it was already really freezing for me, couldn’t imagine how it was like for the swimmers who went into the water during the preparations. Only managed to conduct station games for a little while at the end.
Special thanks to the SAs for assisting us with the setting up and with the running of the station games! I was thoroughly entertained watching the charades games going on between the proggies and the SAs while we all sought shelter during the thunderstorm.

Day 3: Pool Games (2)Day 3: Pool Games (3)When Moana turned R-rated during charades (Bernard’s fault HAHA). Had to post the second photo cause it was just hilariously disturbing. I shan’t comment on my own expression though.

Day 4 (12 August): Beach Games

Day 4: Beach Games (1)
‘Capella’ station – led by Warren.

Day 4: Beach Games (2)
‘Meteror Race’ station – led by Sijie.

Day 3: Beach Game (3)
‘Three Kings’ station – led by Shiming. I personally thought this station photo looked the coolest – I told Shiming that I liked the poses and the formations here HAHA.

Day 4: Beach Games (4)
Finally, ‘Flying Comets’ station led by me HAHA. Special shoutout to Cheryl, Zhuqian, Dorothy, Patricia, Janice, Bernard Patrick, Zhenxuan, Wenjie and Kaiheng for helping out in more ways than I can ever say – don’t know how everything would’ve turned out without you guys.

Day 4: Beach Games (5)
Team Wet & SP Games.

Day 4: Beach Games (6)
Team Day Games.

Day 4: Beach Games (7)
Team Escape.

Day 4: Beach Games (8)
Team Amazing Race.

Day 4: Beach Games (9)
And my Beach family HAHA.

Day 4: Beach Games (10)
The Chief Programmers who led us with all their hard work and sleepless nights.

Day 4: Beach Games (11)
Last but not least, minna san!

After around four / five days, I literally turned fifty shades darker HAHA. And sunburnt once again after just like three weeks? For now, it’s time to conquer year 3 / Junior year!

Photo credits to our resident proggie-photographers: Juncheng & Zhangbo


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