Castle of Glass – Linkin Park 🎶 (Piano Cover)

A post to end off the month of July. I was actually hoping that I could get this piano cover done sooner as tribute to Chester Bennington. However, this piece has proven to be much more challenging – given that it’s my first time attempting a rock song on the piano. After on-and-off practising for about a week and zillion recording takes later, this is the result. Still mistakes here and there, but it’s the best I could do at the moment. Castle of Glass is my favourite song of Linkin Park’s. My piano cover is based on the arrangement by YouTuber ‘piano3479’, and mine sounds super different from his sobs. Hope it sounds decent enough for you though!

And I’m not sure if I still have the time for any more piano covers – the new academic year is just around the corner and there’re still three songs on my list as requested by my friends. Otherwise, I guess you’d have to wait until winter hols for my next cover. Stay tuned!


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