CATfeine Cafe (📍 Beauty World, Singapore)

Initially got to know about this newly-opened cafe from LadyIronChef‘s website. I then went to check out their Facebook page. After which, I went to search for their Instagram location tag. They probably don’t have a website of their own nor Instagram account yet, as I couldn’t seem to find them with my searches. But I was already intrigued by the photos on LadyIronChef’s page, especially the picture of the waffles. Somehow I always have a certain degree of ‘bias-ness’ towards nice-looking desserts and waffles. After checking out the menu on the cafe’s Facebook page and seeing their almost excellent reviews, I decided that I definitely wanted to check this place out before my summer hols end. A bonus point for the cat-inspired theme – you can probably guess that I’m more of a cat person. Thus, I went to have lunch at this cafe yesterday afternoon.

The nearest MRT station is Beauty World, so from there I took Exit C to the bus stop right outside of it. At that bus stop, you can take bus numbers 61, 66, 157, 174, 970 and 985. Following that, alight at the third stop. The condominium where this cafe is located is right opposite the road. I caught a glimpse of its eye-catching signboard from bus even before it had reached its stop. As such, it’d probably not be a problem for people who’re unfamiliar with the Bukit Timah area or are heading there for the first time. Location-wise I’d say it’s really far for people who don’t stay in the North-West area, but it’s not inconvenient to the extent that you’d still have to walk a long distance even after taking a bus from the nearest train station. If you’re interested, the address of this cafe is 182 Jalan Jurong Kechil, The Hillford, #01-50, Singapore 596152.

Okay enough about the details and let’s just jump straight into the food. I had already made up my mind that I was going to get the Sweet Summer homemade buttermilk waffles due to aesthetic purposes. But that’s not all of course. The exotic honey lavender ice-cream flavour caught my attention, and its array of fruits (Orange, Grapefruit and mixed berries) as its sides hint at a healthier suggestion.


The orchestration of colours in this dish is definitely gorgeous – the myriad colours of summer, just like its name. Okay now comes to the tasting. The waffles are of the crispy type, and the honey lavender ice-cream tasted / had the same scent as the lavender-flavoured oil that my mum has HAHA. But it has a refreshing taste together with the waffles.

There is also the I’m-guessing-it’s-the whipped cream with coffee sauce drizzled over it. This wasn’t mentioned in the menu but I guess cafe owners don’t actually mention every single ingredient in their dish right down to even the sugar sprinkled on the plates. I loved the coffee whipped cream immediately though – it’s just like those whipped cream in the drinks of Starbucks though maybe a little sweeter? Probably due to the coffee sauce. I’m a fan of whipped cream until I stopped consuming Starbucks altogether quite a while ago – I’m probably just missing the taste of the whipped cream’s richness. But the whipped cream does go well with the waffles too.

In addition, the plate seemed to be glossed with maple syrup before the fruits were placed on it. The syrup together with a piece of the fruit gives a unique yet addicting taste – a very different kind that makes you poke at a slice of strawberry with your fork one after another.

As for my mum (I practically implored her to accompany me to this cafe HAHA), she tried the Wraps with Side Salad dish on the menu. There were two different kinds of wraps available then and my mum picked the Chicken Tortilla Wrap (the other one was a Pizza Wrap with another kind of meat that I don’t remember).


I also snapped some photos of the interior of the cafe:


A simplistic and clean layout in my opinion. And I couldn’t take my eyes off the Pusheen cat plush toys  – they’re so adorable omg. Someone buy me a collection of them with different designs please HAHA. As I was sitting at the table nearest to the bookshelf, I was also examining the type of books displayed. They’re mostly books on coffee and tea beverages as well as on cats (not surprisingly so). I spotted a few of Murakami Haruki’s books and found myself nodding in approval – I’m an avid fan of poetry and literature you see. That was until I saw the popular Divergent series present as well – not judging or anything but I was surprised at the sudden pop-out change in book genre. Like from lifestyle-themed to fictional if you know what I mean.

Was at the cafe during lunch hours, but when I arrived there were only two other office ladies sharing a plate of waffles. Sat there for about an hour and a half and there were only two other customers coming in for a cup of coffee or tea and another customer who came in for a meal. They were probably nearby residents or office workers. The condominium where this cafe is located isn’t occupied yet – I found out that its TOP date is at the end of this year. The other units along the same level were either vacant and seeking tenants or occupied but closed at that moment. Perhaps there were less people due to it being a weekday and that the cafe had only opened its doors a few months back, but I think more customers would come flocking once more people are aware of this new hangout. The customer service at this cafe is commendable as well – the lady who took our orders at the cashier and the man who served up the dishes were both very friendly and polite, greeting my mum and I when we first entered the cafe and when we left. I’m guessing they’re the owners.

Would recommend this place to everyone as a potential cafe-hopping spot. Plus points if you like the tranquil neighbourhood kind of atmosphere. A place where you can just chill and relax at your own pace – whether alone or with a friend to catch-up about the old times.


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