First Post & I’m Back (Once Again)

Hello! I’m starting a blog once again (this time for good hopefully). I remember that my first blog was back in primary school – I think it was because of a subject having a project that required the use of blogger. That led me to start a blog, but most of the things I wrote were like delusional and all – since I wasn’t afraid to daydream out loud when I was a child. But then I realised that I was totally getting judged for all my wild imagination so I stopped. Not sure whether I ever deleted that blog though, if it’s still accessible now or if blogger had already taken it down due to like more than ten years of inactivity. Not intending to check though, since they’re considered embarrassing and shameful moments of my childhood.

Afterwards in secondary school and junior college, I think I created and deleted blogs off and on a few times. Created thinking I want to post interesting things, but then deleting them almost immediately after realising that I didn’t have the time to do so (since it was regular five days’ worth of schooling every week). Thus, I don’t have anything fun and interesting worth sharing (unless you include school) – my life was really boring then (and even now). Some of my friends were kind of annoyed at my flicker-mindedness about this and I don’t blame them.

So yeah. I’m creating a new blog again, this time on WordPress. A reason why I chose WordPress this time around is that I like how their websites and dashboards and all seem professional yet minimalistic at the same time. Makes blogs hosted by WordPress seem more serious and worth keeping. Not sure if you get what I mean though. This would hopefully make me actually keep this blog around and not delete it for the umpteenth time.

Another reason why I’m starting a blog again is because university’s academic life isn’t as hectic as the previous academic levels. By this, I meant that I don’t have to go to school everyday from Monday to Friday for classes (or more like I decide not to go for most of them). So sometimes I find myself with nothing to do – this is not including when I’ve assignments and projects and tests and examinations. The thing about university is that you’re either really really really busy, or you’re really really really bored. Uncertain if this ‘extreme’ lifestyle would be considered any better though.

Yes, so I’d be posting random interesting things (when I’ve the time), or anything I want to share with all of you – in an attempt to making my life a little less boring. Stick around! :)))


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